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Take the First Step in
Protecting Your Roof

A roof system is exposed to all types of chemical and physical stress.  The long term effects of these forces are called “normal aging”.  Small isolated problems caused through abuse, stress concentration, error and other causes result in a shortened lifespan.  Equalizing wear by upgrading worn areas is the secret to a prolonged roof life.  Van Doorn Roofing, Inc. has developed a detailed check list which covers fifteen different categories on your roof.

“What are my options when facing potential or existing roof deterioration?” 

Procrastination should not be the option of choice!  An ounce of prevention now can often avert unnecessary and costly roof replacement later.  The first step in determining the status and condition of your roof is to call us for a free comprehensive roof analysis and cost estimate.  Whether our recommendation calls for a preventative maintenance program or a new roofing system, we will implement the most cost effective solution tailored to your specific needs.  Our reputation guarantees it!

Establishing a Maintenance Program

A planned maintenance program is simply a program of scheduled inspections and corrective action.  The best time to plan for roof maintenance is at the time the roof is first designed and installed.  Regular inspections and repairs should be made twice a year in the spring and the fall.  The spring inspection permits observation of possible winter damage and allows repairs to be made in the best possible weather.  The fall inspection allows for work to be completed before the oncoming winter.  Roof inspections and basic repairs can add years of service to your roofing system.  Damage, if detected early, can be repaired more economically than if left to deteriorate further.  Remember, your roof will take care of you only in proportion to the care you take of it!  With each maintenance, we will provide an inspection report on the findings at the time we perform the maintenance.  This includes notifying ownership of any major problems that may develop.